Bogdan Bogdanovic disagrees with Luka Doncic, talks about Micic

2023-01-30 07:07

Just like Luka Doncic, Bogdan Bogdanovic watches the EuroLeague regularly. Contrary to Doncic, he doesn't agree that it's easier to score in the NBA than in the EuroLeague. Bogi feels that Vasilije Micic has a place in the NBA but he just needs the right incentives to come.

Credit: AP - Scanpix
Credit AP - Scanpix

Bogdan Bogdanovic began his international career in the EuroLeague. After winning it all in 2017, the guard moved on to compete in the NBA where he's been a crucial role player ever since.

Despite spending the last six seasons on the other side of the Atlantic, Bogdanovic still remembers the experience he had playing for Zeljko Obradovic in Fenerbahce Istanbul.

"Zeljko's influence on me was enormous, I learned a lot from him, he is one of the best coaches in the world and also a fantastic mentor, he taught me to be professional and how to make my teammates better," Bogdanovic told Toni Canyameras from Mundo Deportivo. "I feel blessed and happy to have shared part of the career he has had as a coach with him. Winning the EuroLeague with him was one of the most brilliant moments of my career."

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Bogdan  Bogdanovic
Team: Atlanta Hawks
Position: SG
Age: 30
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 93 kg
Birth place: Belgrade, Serbia

Luka Doncic has recently said that he watches more EuroLeague games than NBA. Bogi is not far behind.

"Yes, I follow the EuroLeague, I watch a lot of games whenever I can, especially Partizan and Fenerbahce, which are my two teams. I hope [Nemanja] Bjelica returns, they will be better with him," the player explained.

The Atlanta Hawks guard didn't want to quickly agree with the other Doncic's claim that it's easier to score in the NBA than in the EuroLeague.

"The scorers always find a way to score. But the rules are different and, obviously, more minutes are played here," he said.

One of the most prolific scorers in the EuroLeague, Vasilije Micic, has been rumored to come to the NBA for multiple years, but the move hasn't materialized yet. Instead, the Serbian guard signed a lucrative contract with Anadolu Efes Istanbul.

Would Vasa be able to play in the NBA? Bogdanovic thinks there are two things Micic has to have in order to leave Europe.

"He could come, there is room for him. He also needs financial motivation, [and] a role motivation to come. He is number one there [in Efes], taking this step in [this part of] your career is difficult. But he has the quality to play in the NBA, that's for sure."


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