Ergin Ataman on Crvena Zvezda fans: 'It was embarrassing'

2023-03-09 10:44

Ergin Ataman was ejected. During the process, Crvena Zvezda fans were loudly chatting 'F--k you Ataman'. The Turkish specialist called it an embarrassment for the sport and the EuroLeague.

Credit: REUTERS - Scanpix, Partizan Mozzart Bet/Dragana Stejapanovic
Credit REUTERS - Scanpix, Partizan Mozzart Bet/Dragana Stejapanovic

Ergin Ataman made headlines in Wednesday's EuroLeague match between Anadolu Efes Istanbul and Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet Belgrade again when he was ejected from the game after receiving two technical fouls.

The Turkish specialist was complaining about what he thought was wrong calls or non-calls. First, he received his first technical foul during the game interval between the second and the third quarter. To cap it off, he got his second technical in the middle of the fourth quarter and had to leave the court.

In the middle of all this, Crvena Zvezda fans were loudly chanting 'F--k you Ataman' which could also could be clearly heard in the TV broadcast.

Player of the Game
Facundo  Campazzo
Facundo Campazzo
Points 22
Accuracy 7-8
Rebounds 3
Assists 7

Due to the fact that Ataman was ejected, he did not attend the post-game press conference and couldn't comment on either Rodrigue Beaubois's injury or his ejection.

The Turkish coach provided a comment ahead of the game against Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv on Friday, where he slammed the Serbian fans for their behavior.

"The match against Maccabi is our most important match for the playoffs. Despite our shortcomings, we will definitely win with the atmosphere and motivation created by our fans.

Last night, I once again understood the beauty of our fans, who always reflect the spirit of fair play that beautifies sportsmanship and sports. The swearing of all the Crvena Zvezda supporters in Belgrade during the match was embarrassing for the sport and the EuroLeague organization," Ataman told the media.

After Wednesday's loss, Efes currently have 13 wins and 13 losses in their account and are in the 10th place in the EuroLeague standings.


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