Zvezda respond to harsh Ataman's words: 'Efes coach provoked a reaction'

2023-03-09 17:14

Red Star reacted to Ergin Ataman's words about embarrassing Zvezda fans' chants: "Anadolu Efes coach provoked a reaction from the audience and fans with his behavior."

Credit: Imago - Scanpix, Crvena Zvezda Meridanbet Belgrade
Credit Imago - Scanpix, Crvena Zvezda Meridanbet Belgrade

Crvena Zvezda Meridanbet Belgrade released an official statement in response to Ergin Ataman, who earlier claimed that it was embarrassing to hear the 'F--k you Ataman' chants from Red Star fans during the EuroLeague Round 27 game between Zvezda and Anadolu Efes Istanbul on Wednesday night. 

"Last night, I once again understood the beauty of our fans, who always reflect the spirit of fair play that beautifies sportsmanship and sports. The swearing of all the Crvena Zvezda supporters in Belgrade during the match was embarrassing for the sport and the EuroLeague organization," Ataman told the media.

Ataman was ejected from the game after receiving two technical fouls, while Efes ended up losing by a 19-point margin (75-94).

Player of the Game
Facundo  Campazzo
Facundo Campazzo
Points 22
Accuracy 7-8
Rebounds 3
Assists 7

Full Crvena Zvezda's statement:

Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet Belgrade is forced to react following the inappropriate statements of the Anadolu Efes head coach after the match in Belgrade, in which our team deservedly won.

The club has never, nor will it support insults and verbal attacks on anyone at matches in the KK Crvena Zvezda organization.

However, the coach of Anadolu Efes provoked a reaction from the audience and fans with his behavior. Whether that behavior was appropriate was shown by the later expulsion of the coach of the visiting team, as well as some matches in other countries within the same competition and the same epilogue.

Finally, the former coach of Galatasaray "forgot" what happened in 2014, he forgot about Marko Ivkovic, and how he called the fans and supporters of our club. If he forgot - we can't. Everything else goes to his credit.


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