James Nunnally explains his recent form, compares Fenerbahce with Partizan

2023-03-26 14:02

James Nunnally spoke to Partizan TV about his streak of great games, where he finds motivation even when playing against lower-level opponents, and how experience can be an important factor in a team's success.

Credit: ABA League j.t.d./Dragana Stjepanovic
Credit ABA League j.t.d./Dragana Stjepanovic

James Nunnally went through a hard period, but went back into perfect form at the right moment, before Partizan Mozzart Bet's decisive games in the EuroLeague.

In the last four continental games, he scored in double-digits, including an almost season-high 19 points in the great victory over Olympiacos Piraeus (90-75) on Friday night.

In an interview with Partizan TV, the 32-year-old guard-forward opened up on how he's managed to be efficient, averaging 9.3 points on 63.6% 2-point shooting, 40.2% free-throw shooting, and 82.1% from the charity stripe.

James Nunnally

James  Nunnally
James  Nunnally
MIN: 22.36
PTS: 9.32 (56.7%)
REB: 2.07
As: 1.71
ST: 0.5
BL: 0.25
TO: 1.21
GM: 28

"I took a break last week. I was a little sick before the last game, so I took some rest," he explained.

"I think we're all ready for the most crucial part of the season. This is what we train for, this is what we play so many games. We are trying to make our way to the EuroLeague playoffs and continue our way in the ABA League," Nunnally said.

At the game against Olympiacos, the American scorer was on his second-most effective night this season. Apart from his 19 points, he also recorded five assists, four rebounds, and two steals.

"I try to be good at simple things. I think I've been that way my whole career, solid, and efficient. That's how I play. I know I can score the ball. I'm trying to be useful and do what the team needs," he commented.

The experienced player pointed out that he has no problem finding motivation in "less attractive" ABA league games.

"I try to come locked in in every game. It's really not hard for me to find a motive, because this is our job. We have to motivate ourselves for each individual game.

It doesn't matter who the opponent is, I want to destroy every opponent. I really don't care who's on the court. Every game is an opportunity to prove yourself to everybody. Coaches, teammates, fans, but most importantly yourself," Nunnally pointed out.

Nunnally also drew comparisons between the current and the 2016-17 season when he won the EuroLeague with Zeljko Obradovic at Fenerbahce.

"I feel like every season is different. The dynamics of each team are different. Back when we won, we had problems, but we caught the rhythm during the season. Experience is important, but inexperience is a blessing too. You're younger, you have more energy," he maintains.

"Winning the EuroLeague with Fener was great. It was a blessing to be part of such a great organization and to have such teammates. I also have great teammates here. Good guys with great character. It's easy to play with them.

It's different, but again, it's nice to play for the same coach. When you're on his team, you know it's going to be a tight shift, but it's going to work like a well-oiled machine."

Being away from his family hasn't been easy for the former NBA player, who describes life in Belgrade as "easy-going."

"I FaceTime with my family 24/7. They only came here for a month. I just want them to be around their group of friends, so that can sacrifice being alone for them.

My wife has taken on the whole load by herself. It's a tough job for her. I just go from practice to home."


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