Sergio Llull achieves historic thousand-game feat

2023-05-25 06:19

Sergio Llull played his thousandth game defending the Real Madrid shirt. The only Madridista to surpass this record is Felipe Reyes, who retired with 1,046 appearances.

Credit: IMAGO/ANE Edition - Scanpix
Credit IMAGO/ANE Edition - Scanpix

Veteran guard Sergio Llull reached a significant milestone on Wednesday night, as he celebrated his 1,000th game defending the Real Madrid shirt in a 79-77 victory against Betis.

This achievement solidified his place as the second player in the club's history to reach such a remarkable figure (564 ACB games, 374 EuroLeague matches, etc.), following in the footsteps of Felipe Reyes, who retired with 1,046 appearances.

Over the course of his illustrious 17 seasons as a Madridista, Llull, who joined the team at the age of 19 during the 2006-07 season, has amassed an impressive collection of 25 titles.

Player of the Game
Walter  Tavares
Walter Tavares
Points 10
Accuracy 4-4
Rebounds 9
Assists 1

Among these are 3 EuroLeague titles, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 7 ACB championships, 6 Copa del Rey trophies, and 8 Spanish Super Cup golden accolades. 

In total, Llull has secured 751 wins, coming incredibly close to Reyes' absolute record, trailing by a mere three victories.

When asked about Llull's historic achievement during a press conference, head coach Chus Mateo described him as a "true Real Madrid legend" who is adored by everyone for his immense contributions both on and off the court.

"It's an absolute joy to have him on the team because he not only exudes character and personality, but he also plays a vital role in shaping our team's chemistry. His presence empowers the coaching staff to continuously demand our utmost effort. Having him with us is truly wonderful," Mateo said.

Last Sunday, Sergio Llull made a game-winner in the EuroLeague final, propelling Real to their 11th EuroLeague title.


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