Lithuania to miss 4 EuroLeague players in World Cup, uncertainty surrounds Sabonis

2023-05-25 08:17

Among the players who have confirmed their unavailability are Marius Grigonis of Panathinaikos, Lukas Lekavicius and Edgaras Ulanovas of Zalgiris, and Rokas Giedraitis of Baskonia.

Credit: BNS/Teodoras Biliūnas
Credit BNS/Teodoras Biliūnas

Lithuanian NT head coach Kazys Maksvytis provided some unfortunate news regarding the team's roster in FIBA World Cup 2023, as several key players will not be able to contribute this upcoming summer due to personal decisions.

Marius Grigonis (Panathinaikos), Lukas Lekavicius (Zalgiris), Edgaras Ulanovas (Zalgiris), and Rokas Giedraitis (Baskonia) have all confirmed that they will not be present at the national team camps.

While this comes as a setback, the coach did not want to speculate on potential additional losses.

Lukas Lekavičius

Lukas  Lekavičius
Team: Zalgiris Kaunas
Position: PG
Age: 29
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Birth place: Šilalė, Lithuania

"Several players are currently weighing in on their participation, and we respect their decision. We want to avoid pressuring them and will patiently await the end of their respective seasons," Maksvytis stated during the press conference. "We need to consider factors such as their fitness and rest.

"The French and Italian championships will only conclude at the end of June. While changes are inevitable, I don't believe they will hinder our team's performance. We may have less recognizable names, but we will have a determined and motivated squad filled with players who possess a burning desire to succeed."

When questioned about the situation concerning Domantas Sabonis and his hand injury, Maksvytis remained brief, stating, "At this moment, it remains uncertain."

In the upcoming FIBA World Cup, Lithuania will play in Group D and face Egypt, Montenegro, and Mexico.

Before the event, Lithuanians will compete in 10 friendly games.


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