Barca reportedly to implement significant budget cut for basketball section

2023-05-25 10:44

Barcelona plans a 20-25% budget reduction for basketball which equals a decrease of about €8-11 million.


FC Barcelona have made the decision to implement a substantial budget cut within their basketball section for the upcoming season, according to Jose Ignacio Huguet of Mundo Deportivo.

Per the same report, the disappointment stemming from the recent EuroLeague Final Four in Kaunas, where the team fell short in the semifinals against Real Madrid despite high expectations, has pushed the club's board of directors to act.

Initially, it was discussed that the budget would be cut by around 10-15%. However, unless the club changes its course, the final reduction will likely fall between 20 and 25%.

Considering the previous budget for Barca basketball was approximately €44 million, sports director Juan Carlos Navarro will have to execute a reduction of about €8-11 million.

The majority of these savings are expected to come from a lowering in the wage bill. It will pose a challenge for the basketball section to implement such a significant cut, especially since only four of the 16 first-team contracts expire on June 30. These contracts belong to players Kyle Kuric, Sertac Sanli, Mike Tobey, and head coach Sarunas Jasikevicius.

A reduction could also come in the number of players in the squad, a limitation on expenses for new signings, and the likely departure of a contracted player.

Jose Ignacio Huguet also writes that there may be a notable decrease in the salary offered to the next coach. The future of Sarunas Jasikevicius with the team is being deliberated, and his continuation will depend on his willingness to accept a substantial decline in his current salary.


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