EuroLeague, EuroCup and BCL prize money: All clubs earnings in 2022-23 season

Giorgos Kyriakidis
Staff Writer
2023-06-06 07:00

As all European competitions have declared their winners for the 2022-23 season, BasketNews presents the complete list of the amounts allocated to each club based on their sports results. One team registered a new all-time record, while only seven non-EuroLeague sides received six-figure rewards.

Credit: FIBA; Rodolfo Molina, Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images
Credit FIBA; Rodolfo Molina, Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

Just a few hours before the start of the EuroLeague season, the organizing authority of the continent's top club competition announced the amounts each participating team would receive based on their ranking at the end of the season.

The Sports Pool (which accounts for 21% of total revenue and relates to each team's sports results) has increased compared to last year. However, what didn't change is the rule according to which those who finished from 15th to 18th place will not be allocated any prize money.

That doesn't only leave FC Bayern Munich, ALBA Berlin, Panathinaikos Athens, and LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne out of the monetary rewards in their respective competition. It also makes them the only four clubs deprived of prize money across all three major European competitions (EuroLeague, EuroCup, FIBA Basketball Champions League) this season.

That's the most apparent difference between the sports pool implemented in the EuroLeague as opposed to the EuroCup and the BCL. 

Until two years ago (2021), the EuroLeague paid clubs 34,000 euros for every regular season win and 78,000 for each win in playoff games. However, things have changed over the past couple of seasons. 

The EuroLeague distributes a total of 42,5 million euros among the 18 participating teams, with A-licensed clubs relishing a guaranteed minimum of 1.5 million. According to EuroLeague ByLaws, this amount is allocated to two different pools: 33.7 million is distributed by the clubs' market pool (which basically refers to their broadcast rights and television contracts), and only €8.8 million (€8,796,989 to be precise) makes up the sports pool, which is premised upon teams' position in the standings. 

As the monetary awards for sporting achievement had been determined prior to the season's tipoff, the campaign's conclusion showed which clubs would receive the biggest sums.

As the EuroLeague champions, Real Madrid were rewarded with €1,759,398, more than any other European club has received as prize money this season.

Here are the awards for the 2022-23 EuroLeague season for sporting achievements:


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