It's time for a new chapter in Munich

Orazio Cauchi
Staff Writer
2023-06-08 07:05

Italian head coach Andrea Trinchieri has officially left Bayern Munich after spending three years with the club, and a new era is about to begin in Munich. Pablo Laso will lead the team destined to change with increased expectations. Will Bayern handle the pressure?

Credit: Trincheri: IMAGO-Contrast/Scanpix Laso: AFP/Scanpix
Credit Trincheri: IMAGO-Contrast/Scanpix Laso: AFP/Scanpix

Last Saturday night, Andrea Trinchieri's era in Bayern Munich officially came to an end. For the first time during his time in Munich, Bayern won't play in the finals of the German league after being eliminated by Ratiopharm Ulm in the semifinals.

After the defeat in Game 3 of the semifinals series, Trinchieri, in his own unique style, admitted that was his last game with the German club and departed with the Italian sentence "arrivederci e grazie", which translates to goodbye and thank you.

In three seasons at Bayern, Trinchieri left a mark on the club. But with the Italian head coach leaving, Bayern enter a different chapter of their project, in which they need to raise the bar.

Although it isn't official yet, Bayern Munich is widely expected to hire Pablo Laso as their new head coach.

The former Real Madrid head coach will take over Bayern's job with a multi-year contract and, almost naturally, the expectations on the German club will increase even more.

With Laso's imminent arrival on the Bayern bench, the German club may turn to some of Laso's former players.

In fact, both


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