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2023-08-10 06:59
Credit: BasketNews
Credit BasketNews

On Thursday, URBONUS duo Donatas Urbonas and Augustas Suliauskas will sit down for a BN+ Q&A session, so we want you to write your questions to them in the comment section below.

Feel free to ask any questions you have about free agency moves and rumors, the FIBA World Cup 2023, or anything that's on your heart or looks interesting to you.

URBONUS Q&A Trailer:


Hi guys, great podcast! im Ade from the UK (East London) to be specfic. Big basketball fan of the BBL, Euroleague and the NBA for over 20 years. I wanted to ask a couple questions: 1. “What are your thoughts on the recent expansion of the EuroLeague into Dubai and is there any news on it and how do you believe it will influence the international basketball scene?” 2. “When discussing the London Lions’ involvement in Euroleague, how do you envision their contribution to the growth of the European basketball market, and what opportunities might this present for the sport’s development in the region?” 3. Do you believe that current Euroleague administration/ leadship are competent enough to take the league in the next level?
about euroleague expansion. There have been news about euroleague expanding to 20 teams. So considering Russian clubs arent going to return any time soon , or if they will return at all , my question is what new team we should expent. It feels kinda odd that we still dont have pernament spot for either red star or partizan and considering all they have shown this past year and this year to come ( Red star basically played last 7 8 seasons).Do you think one of those two teams deserve pernament spots and which one ? Or do both teams deserve a pernament spot Becouse it feels kinda odd, even their G M s spoke how they play lets say Real Madrid in euroleague and after two days they play Borac Cacak or Cibona and this second game is more important for them becouse they dont have permanent spot and they are dependent of winning aba league .
Many sports have begun letting the Gulf countries host tournaments/events and buy teams. In football, these countries moved from just hosting to becoming a major sporting power this summer with big transfers. Do you see something similar happening to basketball in the near future after Qatar agreeing to host the 2027 World Cup and rumours about hosting the Final 4 in the UAE, and how do you think it will impact the Euroleague?
Hello, BN crew and BN community members, My name is George Foroglou from Thessaloniki, Greece. I have two questions. 1) A couple of days ago a young man (only 23 years old) was killed in Athens, Greece, in a brawl between hooligans from the Croatian football team Dynamo Zagreb and the Greek team AEK FC. Not even two years ago, the same thing happened in Thessaloniki with a young Aris' fan (19 years old) who was killed by hoolligans supporting PAOK. If we also take into consideration what happened in the Greek basketball championship final between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos last season, along with the comments of Eric McColumn, Kevin Punter, and other guests you previously had on the podcast, about the hostile environment in some European courts, I would like to address the issue that this "hooligan" behavior is getting worse and worse (at least in Greece!). So I would like to ask you about any possible solution to this common European problem (hooliganism) and politely ask you to use your platform to inform rest of the Europe about these incidents I previously mentioned. 2) Since I don't want to leave you on a bad note, my next question will be short and happy. If we could have a possible collaboration between the NBA and Euroleague, an exhibition game for example during the all-star weekend, what would be the best possible lineup with EL players to go against NBA Allstars, or maybe NBA Rising Stars?

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