Big offer turned down by Luke Sikma on his long road to Olympiacos

Donatas Urbonas
Senior Staff Writer
2023-07-21 10:04

A few years ago, one of the EuroLeague powerhouses presented Luke Sikma with a lifetime contract offer.

Credit: IMAGO/camera4+ - Scanpix
Credit IMAGO/camera4+ - Scanpix

Six years, five titles, two MVP awards, and 4th in games and points on the all-time ALBA lists. It felt like Luke Sikma had been playing in Berlin forever, and it seemed like it would never end, despite receiving big offers and many questioning why no EuroLeague powerhouse had persuaded this unique playmaking big man yet.

But as he approached his 34th birthday, Luke Sikma embarked on what might be his last EuroLeague title campaign.

BasketNews tells the story of why it took Luke Sikma so long to find his way to a EuroLeague title contender and the significant offer he turned down during his time in Berlin.


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