What can Barcelona and EuroLeague fans expect from Jabari Parker?

Augustas Šuliauskas
Staff Writer
2023-08-12 06:49

BasketNews expert Augustas Suliauskas focuses on the signing of Jabari Parker by FC Barcelona. He discusses Parker's injury background, 3-point shooting, playing style changes, offensive strengths, defensive concerns, Barca coaching change influence, adjustment challenges, and potential upside.

Credit: AFP - Scanpix, Rokas Snarskis | BasketNews Illustration
Credit AFP - Scanpix, Rokas Snarskis | BasketNews Illustration

The EuroLeague's summer free agency just keeps on giving: huge rivals exchanging players, Final Four teams rebuilding their cores, and solid former American NBA players coming to try European basketball.

However, the last ones all have something in common. Kemba Walker, PJ Dozier (expected to finalize a deal with Partizan), and this article's main subject, Jabari Parker, all have gone through ACL injuries. In Jabari's case, two of them to the same knee.

Overcoming one ACL injury is tough. Two? Experts say your athleticism can't return to prior-injury levels. Despite that, Jabari himself doesn't concentrate on what he's been through. Instead, he treats the unfortunate events as part of his road.

But with such history behind him, what can Parker still offer to EuroLeague, and especially FC Barcelona?

Biggest Mystery & Jabari's 3-Point Shooting

The most concerning stat about the American forward is this one:


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