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2023-08-14 11:56

BasketNews provides upcoming week's plans for BN+ members and shares the highlights from the last week that were created thanks to our invaluable BN+ members.


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Here are some of our plans for the upcoming week:

  • Conversation with Brandon Paul
  • Top 10 best available players 
  • Article on Kemba Walker joining Monaco (pros and cons)
  • Best players who won't play in FIBA World Cup 2023

Of course, without you, we couldn't even share such weekly plans. So, have a look at what you helped us to achieve last week.

Here are some highlights from the last week:

The recent change in the EuroLeague and FIBA calendars brings hope that both organizations might finally find a way to cooperate in a professional manner.

While this EuroLeague offseason has been filled with some major moves, there's also been a series of more under-the-radar additions that might end up becoming extremely important. At BasketNews, we have decided to analyze which players might become the best underrated additions of this summer in the EuroLeague.

Bogdan Bogdanovic talks to BasketNews about Serbia's adjustments ahead of the World Cup. He also addresses his own future and comments on Partizan's success and the arrival of NBA stars in Europe.

Have you ever wondered why so many NBA players are now choosing to play in Europe? BasketNews spoke to team executives, agents, and scouts to get their opinions on why there has been an increase in former NBA players moving to Europe this summer.

BasketNews expert Augustas Suliauskas focuses on the signing of Jabari Parker by FC Barcelona. He discusses Parker's injury background, 3-point shooting, playing style changes, offensive strengths, defensive concerns, Barca coaching change influence, adjustment challenges, and potential upside.

Gianmarco Pozzecco reflects on how Italy and Paolo Banchero could have co-existed and tracks a change of mentality in some NBA players. He also names the reason why his NT hasn't won a medal since 2004 and what impressed him in Dimitris Giannakopoulos' phone call.

As a new season dawns, BasketNews sets its sights on the forthcoming action in the Italian league, specifically highlighting a selection of captivating additions. Which players are poised to ignite intrigue? Let's delve into their profiles.


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