Surprising Philippines, Canada’s Statement & Blow to Greece (URBONUS podcast)

2023-08-27 14:27

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas, and Augustas Suliauskas discuss their first World Cup thoughts and impressions from the Philippines. They cover the exciting Jordan Clarkson vs. Karl-Anthony Towns game, Canada’s statement for the title, and highlight standout individuals from Round 1.


  • What surprised us about the Philippines (0:00);
  • French problems and Canada’s statement (12:12);
  • What impressed us about Australia and the USA? (21:54);
  • Who would you pick for your NT: Clarkson or Towns? (32:05);
  • The craziest World Cup ending (39:59);
  • How Mitoglou’s injury impacts Greeks’ chances (48:08);
  • The Lithuanian Printezis (53:12);
  • A crucial referee call (54:45);
  • Team USA example for others (58:43).


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