South Sudan Federation condemns racism, expresses regret over injury to Simanic

2023-09-05 07:38

South Sudan Basketball Federation strongly condemns racism and harassment against Nuni Omot following the unfortunate incident involving Borisa Simanic, where Omot states, "I am deeply saddened by the news of Simanic's injuries ... No player should have to go through that."


The South Sudan Basketball Federation strongly condemned the racism and harassment directed at Nuni Omot following the unfortunate incident involving Serbian national forward Borisa Simanic during their FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 game last week.

During that game, Simanic received a blow to the kidney area with just under two minutes remaining and could not continue the match. Subsequently, Simanic was swiftly transported to a hospital in Manila, where he underwent emergency surgery during the night, resulting in the loss of one of his kidneys.

In an official statement, the South Sudan Basketball Federation acknowledged the regrettable incident involving Simanic, emphasizing that the incident was unintentional and unfortunate.

Full statement:

"The South Sudan Basketball Federation was informed today of player Borisa Simanic's injury and subsequent kidney removal as a result of an incident that occurred during last week’s World Cup match against Serbia.

The incident involved contact between the Serbian player and South Sudan national men's team player, Nuni Omot. Officials reviewed the incident immediately after it occurred, and no foul play was found by Omot. At the time, neither the federation nor the player were made aware of the severity of Simanic's injury. The occurrence was unintentional and unfortunate.

'I am deeply saddened by the news of Simanic's injuries. As a sportsman, I first hand understand the severity of his situation, and I am deeply sorry that this happened. No player should have to go through that. I pray for Simanic's recovery and speedy return to the court' – Nuni Omot.

The federation would like to further address the racism and harassment endured by player Nuni Omot after news broke of this regrettable development. We condemn any sort of racism directed towards the player.

Basketball is a sport that is recognized to bring people together rather than to be used as a tool of prejudice.

Finally, we extend prayers and best wishes to Borisa Simanic."

While South Sudan's national team has been eliminated from World Cup title contention, it's important to note that they have secured a place in the 2024 Paris Olympics as debutants.

Meanwhile, Serbia has advanced to the final phase of the competition and is set to face Lithuania in the World Cup quarterfinals on Tuesday.

Episode of the injury:


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