Dario Brizuela's Barcelona debut: 53-second stint ends with head injury

2023-09-17 06:49

Dario Brizuela's debut for FC Barcelona in a Spanish Super Cup semifinal lasted just 53 seconds before an unintentional elbow to the head from Real Madrid's Walter Tavares forced him to the hospital for tests on a potential concussion.

Dario Brizuela's debut in an official game for FC Barcelona turned out to be quite eventful. In a Spanish Super Cup semifinal, he had a mere 53 seconds on the court before an unfortunate incident forced him to head to the hospital.

Brizuela stepped onto the court with 2 minutes and 36 seconds left in the first quarter.

Shortly after, he attempted a drive to the basket. However, as he tried to maneuver past Walter Tavares' defense, an unintentional elbow from the Real Madrid center struck Brizuela in the head.

Dario Brizuela

Dario  Brizuela
Team: FC Barcelona
Position: SG
Age: 28
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Birth place: San Sebastian, Spain

The game referees, after reviewing the play, deemed it not to be unsportsmanlike.

Brizuela went on the ground and remained down for a few minutes, receiving medical attention from Barcelona's staff. Eventually, he left for the locker room, with his head covered with a towel.

Later, Brizuela returned to the Barca bench, but he was now dressed in his street clothes and had a bandage on the left side of his head with ice applied.

As a precautionary measure, at halftime, Brizuela was taken to a hospital for further tests to assess the extent of his concussion.

Meanwhile, Barcelona lost the semis 80-90 and did not make the final.

Game highlights:


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