Dimitris Itoudis explains his departure from Greek national team

2023-09-18 18:23

Itoudis explained that his position as head coach in Fenerbahce would not allow him to fully prepare for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in July 2024.

Credit: FIBA
Credit FIBA

After more than a year in the position, Dimitris Itoudis was let go from being the head coach of the Greek national team. A few hours after the official announcement, the coach released his official position.

In a dedicated post on X, formerly Twitter, Itoudis addressed the departure and the main motivation behind the decision.

Full Dimitris Itoudis post:

In March 2022, after the invitation and honor given to me by the president of the federation, Mr. Liolios, I assumed the position of coach of the Greek national team. A position that I have always considered an honor to be invited and an obligation to undertake. In all the time, I gave my all for the success of our national team. Despite the adversities our national team encountered, I believe that we fought with all our strength to represent our country with respect, combativeness, and sacrifice.

After the recent World Cup, the national team entered a year where it managed to qualify to compete in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament to qualify for the Olympics. This tournament will take place just a few weeks after the end of the obligations of the EuroLeague team that plays in its respective championships.

From the first moment I took charge of our national team, my thought was that it should unite. It is the team of all Greeks, and we have an obligation to put it above our personal will and our personal interest. In this particular case, my personal will is to lead our national team to the upcoming Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

However, my obligations with my club, which end just a few weeks before the start of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, do not allow my availability to the extent that I believe the preparation for such an important tournament requires. Therefore, in consultation with the president of the federation, Mr. Liolios, we decided that I would be next to the federation and our national team on a non-profit basis only with my advice and opinion whenever and if it is needed.


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