Rui Hachimura reacts to Dillon Brooks antics vs. LeBron James

2023-11-20 07:14

Los Angeles Lakers forward Rui Hachimura believes Dillon Brooks continues to provoke LeBron James because he wants to be a part of LeBron's legacy.

Credit: USA Today Sports-Scanpix

The beef between the Houston Rockets forward Dillon Brooks and the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James took another turn.

Lakers forward Rui Hachimura was asked by the reporters why Brooks continued to provoke James, and the Japanese star gave an honest response.

"He [Brooks] wants to be a part of his [LeBron's] legacy, I guess," Hachimura said after Sunday's win vs. the Rockets.

Player of the Game
LeBron  James
LeBron James
Points 37
Accuracy 14-19
Rebounds 6
Assists 8

Last season, Brooks, before the playoffs, said that he wanted to play against James. He claimed that he likes to poke bears and he doesn't respect anyone "until they come and give me 40."

While Brooks couldn't deliver after his viral remarks, James took this even further by doing "too small" celebration on the Rockets forward.

"For LeBron, it's nothing," Hachimura continued on Brooks' antics. "It's actually good for him, it gives him motivation."


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