Kevin Durant fires back at gamblers: 'Y'all ain't real'

2023-11-20 20:33

Kevin Durant breaks silence on social media betting backlash.

Credit: Getty Images via AFP - Scanpix
Credit Getty Images via AFP - Scanpix

In the evolving landscape of sports engagement, the latest trend seems to be calling out professional athletes on social media for losing bets.

With the rise of legal sports betting worldwide, fans are no longer just expressing disappointment. They're venting their frustrations straightforwardly when real money is on the line.

Phoenix Suns superstar Kevin Durant recently found himself at the receiving end of such backlash. Apparently, the criticism about his wagers reached a point where he felt compelled to address it on social media, in a post on X.

Kevin Durant

Kevin  Durant
Kevin  Durant
MIN: 37.12
PTS: 31.38 (62.86%)
REB: 7.08
As: 5.46
ST: 0.85
BL: 1.15
TO: 3.92
GM: 13

"When I get paid, u don't DM me and send a small percentage to my cash app," Durant wrote. "But when them parlays don't hit, I'm every name in the boo. Y'all ain't real."


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