Greek Dramas, Itoudis’ Laptop & Thompson to Fenerbahce Rumors (URBONUS podcast)

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas and Augustas Suliauskas review the Greek finals drama between Panathinaikos and Olympiacos & explain what makes Fenerbahce vs. Efes semifinals battle so exciting. They also address some top rumors in the European market and discuss how vulnerable this new Team USA will be in the 2023 FIBA World Cup.

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  • Father & son moment watching Greek league finals (00:00);
  • New cool feature for BN+ members (3:42);
  • Weird Thomas Walkup ejection (6:26);
  • Biggest Panathinaikos heroes (12:38);
  • The biggest difference with PAO (14:52);
  • What if Olympiacos lose the finals? (19:03);
  • The biggest difference between Greek, LKL & Turkish league finals (26:18);
  • Dimitris Itoudis’ laptop story (29:31);
  • Decisive plays in Fenerbahce vs. Efes Game 3 (34:40);
  • Will Clyburn vs. Fenerbahce fans (40:08);
  • LKL finals over Greece & Turkey (42:16);
  • Darius Thompson to Fenerbahce rumors (50:41);
  • Is this newly built Team USA vulnerable? (52:55);
  • Domestic league stories to follow (58:32).

Olympiacos’ Future & How Madrid Shocked the EuroLeague (URBONUS podcast)

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Augustas Suliauskas & Rytis Vysniauskas react to Sergio Llull’s epic game-winning shot, analyze Real Madrid’s standouts, discuss Olympiacos’ future, touch on coaching market rumors & deliver a special message to our listeners.


  • Vezenkov’s nightmare (00:00);
  • The craziest facts behind Llull’s game-winner (4:22);
  • Unsung Madrid’s hero v1 (9:32);
  • MVP debate (12:44);
  • Unsung Madrid’s hero v2 (16:01);
  • What Olympiacos could have done differently (18:30);
  • Unpopular champions (22:37);
  • Criticism for Chus Mateo and Scariolo rumors (25:50);
  • Coaching market rumors (34:28);
  • What to do with the 3rd place game (36:06);
  • Weird fan experience in the Final Four (40:01);
  • What ESPN viewers thought of the Final Four (45:09);
  • Uncertainty in the EuroLeague (49:38);
  • Olympiacos’ future (51:58);
  • Message to URBONUS listeners (58:32).

Olympiacos’ Heroes, Disappointing Mirotic & Saras at Exit Door? (URBONUS)

On the new URBONUS episode from Kaunas, Donatas Urbonas and Augustas Suliauskas discuss the main reasons behind Olympiacos and Real victories over Monaco and Barcelona. They also discuss Sarunas Jasikevicius future in Barcelona and share their Final Four impressions.

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  • Impressions from the Final Four in Kaunas (00:00);
  • Facts & reasons behind historical Olympiacos quarter (7:05);
  • Weird move with Mike James & what’s next for Monaco (18:44);
  • The most underrated Olympiacos player (27:31);
  • Very sad day for Nikola Mirotic (33:51);
  • Questioning Saras’ decision-making (39:22);
  • Edy Tavares & underrated Madrid’s hero (45:19);
  • Apology to all veterans (48:00);
  • Story behind late Kyle Hines emoji (51:00);
  • Saras future & wild rumors (56:33).

Predicting Olympiacos Loss & Shocking All-EuroLeague Teams (URBONUS podcast)

Will Clyburn and Errick McCollum reveal their EuroLeague Final Four predictions and discuss the shocking All-EuroLeague Teams selections on the new URBONUS episode.


  • Hilarious Shane Larkin reaction to All-EuroLeague Teams (00:00);
  • Ideal All-EuroLeague Team (5:08);
  • How All-EuroLeague Teams should be selected (9:24);
  • The next best small forward after Will Clyburn (11:37);
  • Final 4 winning formula (16:00);
  • Predicting Olympiacos loss in the Final 4 (19:57);
  • Playoff series vs. Final 4? (31:37);
  • Picking EuroLeague DPOY: Tavares or Walkup? (36:14);
  • Edy Tavares vs. Rudy Gobert (39:20);
  • Why people want Madrid to fail (41:35);
  • Barcelona vs. Real Madrid predictions (43:09);
  • EuroLeague champions prediction (49:18);
  • Bait for ESPN viewers to watch the Final Four (54:20).

Point God Sloukas, Partizan’s Collapse & Star Power in Monaco (URBONUS podcast)

Augustas Šuliauskas and Rytis Vyšniauskas react to all the Game 5 action in Euroleague. Guys analyze how Sloukas led his team to the Final Four, how Monaco overcame Maccabi, insane Wade Baldwin and Mike James performances and Real Madrid making history.


  • Intro (0:00);
  • What happened in Madrid (04:46);
  • Quality basketball in Monaco (18:55);
  • Olympiacos vs Fenerbahce battle (36:47);
  • Kaunas waiting for basketball fans (48:58).