Macho Doncic, Happy Jokic & Ataman Leaving EuroBasket (URBONUS podcast)

BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas and Rytis Vysniauskas in Berlin discuss the historical night for Luka Doncic, select the most entertaining EuroBasket playoff pairs, and go through the list of Ergin Ataman complaints.

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  • URBONUS in Berlin! (00:00);
  • Rytis impersonates Ataman, reacts to complaints (2:40);
  • Why FIBA Ataman is EuroLeague’s Trojan Horse (11:20);
  • Interesting details behind Doncic’s 47-point night (14:45);
  • What happened with Vincent Collet (23:05);
  • Who will surpass Doncic’s 47-point record (25:25);
  • The most intriguing EuroBasket playoff pair (30:30);
  • The EuroBasket matchup where the upset will happen (35:15);
  • New Jokic’s routine in Serbia NT (39:08);
  • The random most impressive EuroBasket five (45:00).

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