Jason Kidd compares Luka Doncic to LeBron James

2022-09-16 12:37

Dallas Mavericks and Hall of Famer Jason Kidd compared Luka Doncic to LeBron James, saying that the Slovenian superstar has a similar type of body as the 37-year-old.


The Dallas Mavericks head coach and former NBA star Jason Kidd talked about Luka Doncic on All The Smoke podcast, how he's different from other players, and what makes him so good.

When asked if there is a ceiling for someone as talented as Luka Doncic, Kidd said that only if he gets tired.

"The sky is the limit, he [Doncic] can go forty thousand, fifty thousand [miles] until he gets tired," said Kidd.

Jason Kidd

Jason  Kidd
Position: PG
Age: 49
Height: 193 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Birth place: San Francisco, United States of America

"When you look at his abilities to control the game offensively... He's only 23 years old and loves to play the game. I am just lucky to have a good opportunity to have a seat, watch him play," added Kidd.

Doncic's coach on the Mavericks emphasized his player's belief in himself and the experience he has despite being just 23 years old. 

"He's a believer he can take on the world. He's been a pro since 14-15 years old. He's not afraid, he has seen the double teams, the switches, the box and one, and he believes he can beat them all, and most of the time he does," said Kidd with a smile.

Kidd thinks that Doncic's size is not talked about enough and compared his body to LeBron James'.

"He's different because he has his own speed limit. Sometimes what's not talked about is his size. He's been around LeBron [James]. He has that LeBronish type of height and thickness in a sense of being a big boy," said Kidd.

"He can hold you off, he's not afraid of contact, but he's not afraid of the stage, he loves the stage," added Kidd.

"He loves the game, he loves the competition, he loves that everybody is focused on him, trying to stop him," Kidd concluded.

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